Growing up in rural Wisconsin created a large impact on my health and my outlook on life. I could never have imagined it having such a large impact, but it did.

My brother and I grew up not being allowed to stay indoors all day to play video games – instead, we were forced to go outside, either to help with chores on the farm or to play games together. We rode bikes, played basketball, tag, home-run derby, along with anything that included my older brother winding me up. It wasn’t bad though, it was pretty great. Doing these things is what introduced me to the world of sports, which has shaped who I am as a person today.

My brother was really good at basketball, so naturally, I wanted to be good at basketball. I copied everything he did because I played the annoying little sister role to perfection, and therefore, I started my journey into the sports world. I played basketball from middle school, up until college, and I like to think that I was fairly good. However, I got injured a lot.

I didn’t realise how many concussions you could get from a ‘non-contact’ sport until I started playing. Of course, there was also the normal sprained ankles, knee injuries and jammed fingers, but to top it all off, I injured my back in middle school and discovered I had the bones of an 80-year old woman and was on the verge of having compression fractures in my spine. However, since I was in middle school, I didn’t think anything of it, so I got on with my life and continued to play.

My Athletic Trainer, who also doubled as a Physical Therapist, quickly became a close friend of mine due to the number of injuries I sustained throughout my short basketball career. We spent a lot of time together trying to deal with my injuries, and since I spent so much time with a physical therapist, it inspired me to become one since I thought I knew all about it and it seemed like a cool job.

However, life didn’t work out as I hoped, and when I got wait-listed to the school I needed to attend to become a Physical Therapist, I needed to find a job to pass the time until the next round of applications came around. I somehow stumbled upon a chiropractic office that needed an office manager, so I thought I would apply. I had never done anything like that before, but the job didn’t seem that difficult.

I charmed my way through the interview, and within a week, I was running a very successful chiropractic office. I loved the patient interaction, seeing people improving their health and witnessing people voluntarily paying hard-earned money on something that I didn’t really understand.

And then I got adjusted.

Remember that back injury that I got in middle school? For twelve years, I had been suffering from lower back pain, but once I had been adjusted a few times, it was gone; driving didn’t hurt anymore, working out was easier and I didn’t have constant pain anymore.

It was a miracle! I thought back pain was normal, and when I found out that I didn’t have to deal with it anymore, I knew that I had to share my chiropractic story with everyone that I knew and anyone else that would listen to me.

I applied to chiropractic school shortly after this, and I loved it. After that, I interned with a world-famous doctor who specialises in extremities and learnt his techniques for correcting sprained ankles, bad shoulders and everything else in between. This became important to me as I believe if I had been under chiropractic care my entire life, I wouldn’t have had so many injuries and I would have healed faster from the ones that weren’t preventable.

Using my knowledge of physical therapy, extremity adjustmenting, biomechanics and the importance of having an aligned spine, I have a unique approach to every patient’s treatment. I look at the body as a whole – where is the body weak? How is the body compensating? Is it due to spine misalignments or extremity misalignments? Does their posture need improvement? How can I help them achieve their goals? I take all of these questions into consideration to give my practice members their best results.

I remember how miserable it was to sit on the sidelines with an injury, as well as also living with chronic back pain for well over 12 years. If I knew an alternative, I wouldn’t have lived like that, so why would you? No one deserves to live like that, and one of my main goals is to help rebrand chiropractic. It’s done so much more than to help my back pain; I no longer have headaches or neck pain, and it’s helped my body to function at its highest level. I’m enjoying the “side effects”: increased energy, improved sports performance, better balance, less stress, improved immune system, and the list goes on.

Now it’s time to let the whole world know how the chiropractic lifestyle can improve their lives and help them meet all of their goals, no matter how big or small they may seem.

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