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I’m not really one to do New Year’s Resolutions, because why wait for one day all year to start improving your life? What’s wrong with starting on April 22nd? Or July 4th? Or to be even more wild, December 31st?

When it comes to resolutions, we often think we have to have one because everyone wants to lose weight, be better with their money, finish 50 books per year; you get the point. Then we tend to want to keep up with our friends and influencers that we see and take on their resolutions as our own. However, by doing so those goals have no impact on what we actually value or want, so we end up not following through.

If setting a resolution is your jam, then by all means, go for it! Here are a couple questions to go through to determine if your resolution will make it past February 1st.

  •  Does this align with my values, interests, and goals?
  •  Do I have a plan to make this resolution a habit?

I also recommend sitting down and journaling about the past year and what you want the future to look like. Need help determining goals and being accountable? I can help you with that!

I now offer accountability coaching to keep you on track and help you through the inevitable struggles. This is best for:

  • Someone who has a hard time scheduling their “me time”
  • Someone who keeps setting the same goals without reaching them (health, wellness, career, etc.)
  • Someone who feels stuck and needs a push to make the next move
  • Someone who needs to be checked on weekly
  • Someone who needs an honest opinion and feedback

Interested in learning more? Schedule a 15 minute phone call with me today!

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