Children’s bodies go through a great deal of stress as they interact with the world around them.

While it is sometimes easy to overlook, children’s bodies go through a great deal of stress as they grow, develop, and adapt to the world around them. The earliest stresses a child may face are during the birth process. It has been found that 80% of babies are born with subluxations in their neck (also known as KISS syndrome). These subluxations cause stress on the nervous system and prevent the infant’s body from functioning optimally.

We often see this develop into other health concerns, including the following:

  • torticollis
  • colic
  • sleep difficulty
  • ear infections
  • feeding issues
  • chronic cold and cough
  • and more.

By addressing any misalignments shortly after birth via pediatric chiropractic care at Elite Lifestyle Co. in Cherry Hills Denver, these conditions can be resolved, leading to a happier, healthier baby. Chiropractic care improves the brain and body connection for optimal development.

Beyond childbirth, pediatric chiropractic care is essential in supporting children through their development. From everyday traumas, such as falls while learning to crawl, walk and run, to common illnesses such as ear infections or chronic colds, our team at Elite Lifestyle Co. can assist. Chiropractic care is a safe, gentle, and natural alternative that does not have negative side effects and is effective in addressing the underlying cause of common childhood illnesses.

Not only is pediatric chiropractic care beneficial for the stresses and traumas to the physical body, but it supports children dealing with neurodevelopmental disorders such as learning disorders, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). With gentle and specific adjustments to the spine, the body is better able to shift from a chronic state of stress to a more balanced state, where children are able to rest, digest and heal optimally. Patients may notice improvements in decreased behavioral issues, improved communication, and more.

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