Get your pregnancy glow back.

At Elite Lifestyle Co. in Cherry Hills, we understand the journey of pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum is an exciting and intimate time for both mom and baby. It is our mission to provide expectant mothers with specialized prenatal chiropractic care that is beneficial at all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. It is not uncommon for expectant mothers to experience common symptoms such as nausea, swelling, tiredness, and discomfort as their bodies change to support their growing baby. Women who receive specific chiropractic care during pregnancy report a better pregnancy experience including:

  • Reduced symptoms
  • Higher levels of comfort
  • Increased levels of overall well-being
  • Better birth outcomes including fewer interventions, reduced labor times, and a higher likelihood of a natural delivery.

Advanced Pregnancy and Pediatric Training

To best support our expectant mothers, Dr. Abi is a Webster-certified chiropractor. The Webster Technique utilizes specific and gentle adjustments that help to release stress on the pelvis, uterus, and supporting ligaments during pregnancy. When applied to expectant mothers, this technique creates pelvic balance and space that assists with alleviating frequent ailments such as pelvic pain, hip pain, sciatic pain, and headaches. It also creates space for the baby to move, grow, and increases the likelihood of an optimal, head-down birthing position. We understand that each pregnancy is unique.

At Elite Lifestyle Co. we take great care in getting to know the needs of each expectant mother and create a specific care plan based upon those needs. We begin by completing an assessment of your body and take time to understand the goals you have for your pregnancy and delivery. The doctors use this information to create recommendations for a specific care plan to support you through your pregnancy and beyond.

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